2021 MIAC Men's Soccer Playoffs

Quarterfinals: November 1, 2021 | High-Seed Host

Semifinals: November 3, 2021 | High-Seed Host

Championship: November 6, 2021 | High-Seed Host


Tentative Schedule

Quarterfinals | Monday, Nov. 1, 2021 |
No. 6 at No. 3 | Box Score | Recap |
No. 5 at No. 4 | Box Score | Recap |

Semifinals | Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 |
TBD at No. 1 | Box Score | Recap |
TBD at No. 2 | Box Score | Recap |

Championship | Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021 |
Highest remaining seed hosts | Box Score | Recap |

Ticket Prices

MIAC Admission 
$10 - General Admission
$2 - Students with ID
Free - Children 5 and under
*MIAC passes accepted



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The conference post-season playoff will be seeded based on place finish in round-robin play. Ties will be broken as follows:
1. Head-to-head record among all tied teams
2. Most wins in conference play
3. Results against other teams in the playoffs
4. Record versus teams .500 and above in conference
5. Least number of overtime wins in conference play
6. Lowest goals against in conference play
7. Positions of the teams who tied the tiebreaker teams
8. If the teams are still tied, seeding will be determined by a points system: The points are determined by adding up the position numbers of the conference teams that the tied teams defeated and the lowest point total will be the highest seed
9. Coin toss

*Multiple-Team Tie Breaker - After an order is selected using the tie-breaking procedure, if teams remain tied then all remaining tied teams will revert to the beginning of the tie-breaking procedure. If at any point one of the tiebreaker criteria separates one or more of the teams involved in the multiple-team tie, said teams will be separated out, and any remaining teams will return to criteria no. 1.