MIAC Officials

The MIAC strives to provide the best officiating for all of its sports each year. In order to do so, the MIAC will provide officials with current and updated information for our officials that pertain to each sport in order to assist officials in properly performing their duties. Below are links to officiating information for each of our sports.

 MIAC Coordinators/Assignors of Officials
 Coordinator of Baseball Umpires
 Chad Eischens
 Coordinator of Men's Basketball Officials
 Rob Kuenemann
 Coordinator of Women's Basketball Officials
 Vicki Davis
 Coordinator of Football Officials
Tom Perrault
 Coordinator of Hockey
 Ed Zepeda
 Coordinator of Soccer Officials
 Matt Tiano
 Coordinator of Softball Umpires
 Jason Smith
 Coordinator of Tennis Officials
 Lisa Mushett
 Coordinator of Volleyball Officials
Tim Harlow
 General Information

The MIAC is always in need of interested and qualified officials and welcome interested individuals to access our application through the link below. There is also the independent contractor form that must be completed each year in order to officiate with the MIAC.

MIAC Official's Application

MIAC Official's Independent Contractor Form *This form must be completed and re-submitted annually.

The State of Minnesota now requires officials to complete online concussion training. To complete the training and to access additional information regarding concussions visit our Concussion in Sport Resource Page.

 Becoming an Official
There is an urgent need for sports officials across the United States. We need more people stepping up to do the tough job of making sure sports are fairly played, well-managed, and held in safe environments for all participants and spectators. Say Yes to Officiating is all about providing resources that help recruit new sports officials, retain the ones already working, instill excellence, and celebrate the officiating experience.